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Ukulele Musicians: M

If you play the ukulele your are a "Musician" who plays the ukulele – not simply a Ukulele Player. Because as you might have already figured out it more "Work" than "Play".


Casey MacGill

Casey MacGill performs music that swings. Nat “King” Cole Trio meets the Mills Brothers. Fats Waller meets Fats Domino. Slim Galliard meets Fred Astaire. It is American music of many decades and no decade in particular, all happening at the same time, woven into a seamless, beautiful whole. At the core of his sound are his band’s sometimes sweet, sometimes rough-hewn three-part harmony vocals and a piano-ukulele-bass-and-drums rhythm section that swings in a variety of textures.

Macy William H

William Hall Macy (born March 13, 1950) is an Emmy Award-winning and Academy Award-nominated American actor, known for his role as Jerry Lundegaard in Fargo. He is also a teacher and director in theatre, film and television.

Moodees (The Mad Tea)

Mad Tea ended in 2013. They will still be making music as the Moodees and other incarnations

Sarah Maisel

Sarah Maisel (ukulele and vocals), hailed as the “Queen of Jazz Ukulele” by international music critics, has taken the world by storm and strum. 2013 has been quite a milestone for Sarah as she found herself performing for the first time overseas at the largest ukulele festivals in England and Australia.

Manitoba Hal

Manitoba Hal is a unique performer, accomplished guitarist, songwriter and ukulele player. Using a combination of looping technology and other effects he creates a one-man-band performance that is truly one-of-a-kind. His takes on traditional blues songs are fresh and inventive and audiences everywhere are entertained by his stage banter and witty observations.

Rachel Manke

Rachel Manke has been called one of the brightest stars in the ukulele universe, and loves sharing her astounding technique and beautiful singing with audiences young and old. She has appeared on stages that range from the Ashokan Uke Fest and Funky Frets Uke Fest, to Garrison Keillor’s A Prairie Home Companion.

Tim Mann

As a founding member of the widely successful troupe, Ukulele Noir, Tim Mann offers lessons in beginning and intermediate Ukulele.


Officially formed in the summer of 2005, Manoa DNA has become Hawai’i’s newest and hottest band. Manoa DNA’s energy and intense harmonies create a sound that will sweep you off of your feet.

Gordon Mark

With his repertoire of over 1,000 songs, Gordon Mark transcends any perceived limitations one might have of the ‘ukulele. He brings to fruition the rich harmonies of jazz standards and the complex counterpoints found in classical pieces on this unassuming, four-stringed instrument.

Mary J. Martin

Mary J. Martin has been playing ukulele since she was ten years old in Nova Scotia. She was part of a group of uke players that toured eastern and central Canada and Vermont, made albums, and appeared on national radio and television. Sasha von BonBon, founder and leader of the longstanding Toronto burlesque troupe The Scandelles says Martin is their “Uke Diva at Large, Notorious For Blistering Led Zep Solos.” A jazz violist as well, she has performed in a few subway stations and with a load of bands, among them The Dears, Dearhunter, Hooch Moon, The Royal Mountain Jamboree, and the folk noir Colossal Egos, all of Montreal.

Kate Micucci

Kate Micucci was born in New Jersey and spent most of her school years in Pennsylvania. As a kid she focused on playing outside in the woods and playing classical piano.

In college she majored in art, focusing on painting and making puppets. She received an A.A. in Fine Arts from Keystone College.

After a small stint watering banana and pineapple plants in Hawaii, Kate decided to go to Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles where she made more puppets and received a B.A. in Studio Art.

Currently Kate resides in Los Angeles where she has a steady gig building sandcastles. She also works as an actor and can be found around town playing the ukulele.

Chloé Mons

Née à Lille, Chloé Mons a grandi dans un univers de rock’n roll, d’art contemporain et de cinéma, avec des parents collectionneurs et éclectiques. Sa rencontre avec le photographe américain Tom Sewell est fondatrice. Pendant six ans, elle devient sa muse et pose pour lui entre Mysore et Venise, Paris et Hawai. En 1992, elle choisit de se consacrer au théâtre et entre au Conservatoire national de théâtre de Lille où elle restera 4 ans. Elle soutient à Paris une maîtrise de cinéma en 1997, et est choisie la même année par Jacques Audiard pour figurer dans son clip de « La Nuit je mens » d’Alain Bashung. S’opère une grande et longue rencontre sentimentale et artistique avec le chanteur. Ils enregistrent en 2002 leur version du Cantique des Cantiques et plus tard, en 2006, Alain Bashung lui prêtera sa voix dans La Ballade de Calamity Jane, que Chloé Mons adapte, écrit et compose.

Montana Eddie

Singer, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist, Eddie Montana plays nearly 50 instruments. His music is a labor of love and his greatest passion.

Patsy Monteleone

Patsy Monteleone began his career in music at age 3 when he stood up on the bar at a tavern in New York’s Little Italy and sang Neapolitan love songs for his paisans. Patrons would throw him nickels and dimes. Once, a miserly elder tossed Patsy a quarter (a lot of money for the old cheapskate), which prompted gasps of amazement among the bar crowd.

Peter Moon

Peter Moon was born on the island of O’ahu to Wook and Shay-Yung Moon. From the late 1950s through the 1960s, he gained musical inspiration, insight, and knowledge; playing as a Maile Serenader with Gabby “Pops” Pahinui in the 1960s. Later, in the 1970s, he also served as Gabby’s manager. Soon after, Moon became a founding member of The Sunday Manoa, along with Palani Vaughn, Alfred “Baby” Kalima, and Cyril Pahinui (one of Gabby’s sons). After Vaughan and Cyril left the group, Moon released another album (Hawaiian Time) with Alfred and another of Gabby’s sons named Bla. After this however, Moon remained the only member and recruited the very young Robert and Roland Cazimero. In 1969, their first album, Guava Jam was released and became seen as the spark of the Hawaiian Cultural Renaissance. Two more albums were released, but personal conflicts within the group led to their eventual breakup.


THE MOONLIGHTERS have been a part of the New York City jazz and pop music scenes since they formed in 1998. Based around a core of harmonized vocal duets backed by warm acoustic instruments including Hawaiian lap steel guitar, ukulele, guitar and bass, they explore traditional and classic tunes with a unique, romantic approach that is appealing to listeners of all ages.

Ken Bari Murray

I come from a family of music lovers. I heard music constantly growing up, went for piano lessons in grammar school, sang in the church choir and went to Rock and Roll shows before I went to high school. All those early seeds blossomed, when one Christmas I received a guitar from a very perceptive gift-giver. I started to practice, play with friends and was hooked!

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