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Key Signatures - F Major
Published: 2014-02-26 18:36:48

The key of F major-D minor.

Cover the primary and secondary chords and common chord progressions.

5 Lessons in the “Key Signatures - F Major” Series

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Key Signatures - C Sharp Major and A Sharp Minor

C# major (or C-sharp major) is a major scale based on C#, consisting of the pitches C#, D#, E#, F#, G#, A#, and B#. Its key signature has seven sharps: F#, C#, G#, D#, A#, E# and B# - ALL sharps.

Its relative minor is A# minor, and its parallel minor is C# minor. Its enharmonic equivalent is Db major.


Primary Chords - F Major

The primary chords for any major key are the I, IV and V chords of its corresponding major scale. For F Major the primary chords are: F, Bb, C and C7

From the primary and secondary chords of a major key countless songs and chords progressions can be played.


Secondary Chords - F Major

The secondary chords for any major key are the II, III and VI chords of it's corresponding major scale. For F Major the secondary chords are: Gm, Am and Dm

From the primary and secondary chords of a major key countless songs and chords progressions can be played.


Common Chord Progressions for the Key of F

Common chord progressions for the key of F. Using the primary and seconday chords for the key explore these common chord progressions for the key of F.


Key Signatures - Introduction

A key signature is a summary of the sharps or flats in a Major or its relative Natural Minor scale.

Key signatures are generally written immediately after the clef at the beginning of a line of standard musical notation. Each major and minor key has an associated key signature that sharpens or flattens the notes which are used in its scale.

Just browsing over both books, they look fantastic! I'm a guitarist and uke player for over 25 years and was thinking about writing a ukulele book but you've already written what I think are the best, most comprehensive and thorough books I've ever seen for the instrument. I just might end up buying every book you've written and I'll be giving my highest recommendation for your books to my friends and students. Thank you so much for taking the time to write such great books! — Peter Rhee

Aloha, Curt, All I can say is WOW! What you have accomplished is simply incredible! All the best — Glen Hirabayashi, The Aloha Boys

Folks, if you haven't stopped by Curt's site, do so right now! ..And get his books, they are fantastic. This guy knows his stuff and is able to pass it along too. — Alan Johnson Proprietor, The 4th Peg

I can highly recommend Curt's Uke books — I have four of them and they are excellent. — fatveg — Portland

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