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Gigbag or Hardshell Case?

My personal take on whether to use a gigbag or hard-shell case is: If you are ALWAYS handling transporting your ukulele a good gigbag is the way to go. If anyone else is going to handle your instrument then a hard case is better. No one will take care of your gear better than you will.

Mono M80 Ukulele Tenor Case Jet Black

The Mono M80 Ukulele Case is designed from the inside out to be one of the lightest, thinnest, strongest, and most versatile carrying solutions for the professional musician. A hybrid case featuring an ultra-light laminated foam shell with strategically placed ABS panels, the M80 Case provides an extremely high level of protection for your most-prized investments. Smart features like the Clip/Tuck straps make for easy airport travel, while the streamlined profile helps you slip through the crowds.

Hard Shell Cases

  • Ameritage Carrying Cases • Ameritage Humidity Control System to help maintain an ideal level of humidity and preserve your instrument. This is the case that my #1 - Ko'olau CS Tenor came in. It is an optional upgrade from Ko'olau and well worth it.

Gig Bags

  • Reunion Blues • Some of the best gig bags available.
  • Mono Cases • These are the some of the best gig bags available. I use the tenor ukulele bag for my tenor ALL the time.
  • Kala • Kala's Transit bag is really close to a Mono bag at a fraction of the cost. The Transit bag is the go to upgrade at out family Funky Frets Music Store .

Manufacture of Gigbags and Hardshell Cases

Case or Gigbag? If you are handling you instrument a quality, padded gigbag would be fine. If someone else else is a hard case is probably better. No one is going to care for your uke like you.


Kala Brand Music Company

Mike Upton is the founder of Kala Brand Music Co. in northern California. Established in 2005, Kala builds 140-plus models of ukulele, including travel and bass variations.Kala and Makala brand of ukuleles.


Fusion Bags

A British based company who develop and manufacture designer made gig bags or soft cases for musical instruments. We believe that musicians want a high quality bag that not only gives excellent protection to their instrument but looks stylish. Fusion has achieved this and now presents gig bags for guitars, ukulele, cello, brass, woodwind, keyboard, laptop and sound & audio.


Mono Cases

MONO was founded by Daniel Kushner in the spring of 2006, on the ferry boat between Sausalito and San Francisco, to be exact. A self-taught drummer of over 15 years and a professional industrial designer, Daniel launched MONO to merge his love for music and design with a vision of creating innovative products for a new generation of modernist musicians.

( Curt: This is the bag I use for my Ko'olau Tenor. )


Workhorse Cases

Workhorse Cases hand makes custom instrument cases for the worlds pre-emnient musicians, instrument makers and collectors. Our products have carried more instruments to more venues in more countries than all other custom instrument case makers combined.


Ameritage Carrying Cases

Coupling the invaluable input of musicians from around the world with nearly 50 years of case crafting experience, we are creating the “World’s Most Exclusive Musical Instrument Cases™.” Ameritage® is a brand of GWW Group Inc., a family owned business that has been manufacturing carrying cases for the world’s leading brands of carrying cases for decades.


Calton Cases

Calton Cases makes the world’s finest instrument cases for the world’s finest instruments. Our database contains hundreds of different instrument patterns. We may already have your instrument pattern on file, but we still get new patterns every week for new models from all sorts of builders big and small.


Cedar Creek Cases

Cedar Creek Custom Case Shoppe is located at the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Our beautiful location in Oilville, VA provides the perfect backdrop for America’s time-honored tradition of custom building. Since our inception in 1992, Cedar Creek has proven to be the leader of quality built high-end custom instrument cases. Tom Dougherty founded the custom shop with the idea of bringing unparalleled quality and service to every customer. He had a vision of supplying each customer with a choice.


DaSilva Ukulele Co.

DaSilva Ukulele Co. in Berkeley, California is the workshop of Michael DaSilva where he makes high-quality , handcrafted ukuleles. You will also find the full-line of RISA Solid and Electric instruments and inexpensive beginner ukes. The shop is also host to house concerts, ukulele lessons and workshops, the occasional jam session and meetings of the Berkeley Ukulele Club. Check the Calendar for events.


Hoffee Carbon Fiber Cases

In just a few short years Hoffee has become the premiere builder of carbon fiber cases for guitar, banjo and mandolin. Each Hoffee Case is hand built in the USA through our state of the art process using the highest quality materials available. All of our premium quality interiors are meticulously fitted specifically to your instrument‘s measurements. And that is why our customers say, “It fits like a glove.”


Kamoa Ukulele

Kamoa™ Ukulele Company is dedicated to building high quality bell tone instruments. Our “One player at a time” philosophy is the basis for the countless experiences that will resonate with you for years to come through the lifelong enjoyment of music on your Kamoa™ ukulele. From Exceptional student models priced around $100 up to divine custom masterpieces, we have a tailored Kamoa™ experience ready for you whether you are a true beginner or ukulele master.


Kiwaya Ukuleles

On November 1, 2011, Kiwaya USA changed its name to Takumi Ukulele Company. As Takumi Ukulele Company continues to build a strong company to supply and service our customers around the world, we feel it is important to present a clear consistent image and direction.


Magic Fluke Company

The Magic Fluke Co. was started by Dale and Phyllis Webb in 1999 in the basement of our home in New Hartford Connecticut. Dale was inspired and encouraged by Phyllis’s brother Jim Beloff, an accomplished musician and guitarist who discovered the uke a few years earlier.


PRO TEC International

Cases for: Guitar Collection, Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Dreadnought Guitar, Classical Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin and Ukulele.


Reunion Blues

Founded in 1976, Reunion Blues is the music industry’s premier gig bag and case company. Reunion Blues offers an extensive product selection including over 90 models of cases and bags for fretted, brass, woodwind, strings and percussion instruments.


Ritter Bags

From the start RITTER realized that faced with a choice between a bag that was functional but dull, and another which was functional and chic; people would go for the functional chic.


TKL Products Corp.


Undercover Cases

UNDER COVER CASES, INC. IS A PREMIER QUALITY MANUFACTURER OF SOFT BAGS, CASES AND COVERS. ALL OUR GOODS ARE PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA WITH DOMESTIC TEXTILES AND COMPONENTS – NO IMPORTS HERE! We design, manufacture and sell the best possible soft bags, cases and covers you can purchase for your money with excellent customer service.


The UK’s most popular gig bags. was born in the autumn of 2006 when we recognised that there was a need for a good quality gig bag at a cost that didn’t break the bank.


Gruv Gear

Gruv Gear exists to bring innovative and well-thought out products to creative professionals and beyond, including career musicians, DJs, photographers, filmmakers, mobile producers and more. We are on-track not only to become a premium lifestyle accessories brand in the Music/DJ and Photo Industries, which is a small fraction of our potential market, but also expand to a broader range of industries that will increase our global footprint exponentially. To date, Gruv Gear products are sold in 5 continents and shipped directly to adoring fans worldwide.


Gator Cases, Inc.

Gator Cases was founded in 2000 by father-daughter team Jerry Freed and Crystal Morris in Tampa, Florida. Initially, they launched with a small offering of molded plastic guitar cases at the Summer NAMM show in Nashville, Tennessee. From there, they expanded the product line to include case and bag solutions for pro audio, IT, audio visual, general utility, band instrument, and percussion. The line now consists of over 1000 different solutions that are made from vacuum-formed plastics, rotational-molded plastics, wood, sewn, and EVA materials.



When your daughter comes to you and asks "Can we start a business to pay for college before I get there?", you just say "yes" and then work out the details later.

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Just browsing over both books, they look fantastic! I'm a guitarist and uke player for over 25 years and was thinking about writing a ukulele book but you've already written what I think are the best, most comprehensive and thorough books I've ever seen for the instrument. I just might end up buying every book you've written and I'll be giving my highest recommendation for your books to my friends and students. Thank you so much for taking the time to write such great books!Peter Rhee

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Folks, if you haven't stopped by Curt's site, do so right now! ..And get his books, they are fantastic. This guy knows his stuff and is able to pass it along too.Alan Johnson Proprietor, The 4th Peg

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