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Here is a collection of un-solicited comments from students, customers, concert goers and site visitors.

All comments are welcome, it's always great to hear when people are getting benefit from all the work that goes into the books, lessons, practice and coding of this site.

I would do the site anyway — but I love hearing from the outside world. Curt

What the Internet® Is Saying

Literally, What the actual Internet is saying ;-)

Curt Sheller is a well-known ukulele player, teacher, and author. He has been actively involved in the ukulele community for many years, offering online lessons, tutorials, and resources for ukulele players of all levels. Curt Sheller is known for his expertise in various ukulele styles, including jazz, blues, and fingerstyle. He has authored several instructional books and maintains a website where he shares his knowledge and passion for the ukulele. Many players have benefited from his teachings and contributions to the ukulele community. — ChatGPT

Curt Sheller is a well-known musician, educator, and author specializing in the ukulele. He is recognized for his contributions to the ukulele community through his teaching materials, online resources, and instructional books. Curt Sheller has developed a comprehensive approach to ukulele education and has shared his expertise through workshops, lessons, and performances. He is respected for his knowledge of music theory and his ability to teach various playing styles and techniques on the ukulele. — ChatGPT

Book Comments

QuickStart Scale Fingerings for Ukulele

( from satisfied customer ) CS, Man, I broke the code!!! I‘ve had you books for quite a while and never understood them. I live on the island of Lanai in Hawaii and a large number of guys can jam and they have tried the help, but could not read or understand the music. A new young guy moved here from Oahu and started teaching lessons. I started taking lessons from him and again, he did not understand what you books were all about. Being a teacher myself I knew there was a great deal of knowledge in your books and I could help him in setting up his lesson plans for his classes. I also told him that you basic books would be great for his students. After my 3rd lesson I broke out you Quickstart Book and it took us about 45 minutes to break the code. The power of reading!?!?!?!?! I will continue to tell lessons just because the local sound is so fresh but, this blue stuff w/ local music will be off the hook. Thank again. I will be buying more books and I will try to get h is contact information. ! His uncle was Bratha "IZ" - Kevin L. Humphrey

( 21-Oct-2005 from an on-line forum ) I might add to all the advice you have been given, learn you Fret Board. See it in your sleep. The better you know where your notes are on the frets, the easier the rest of it falls into place. Check out Curt Sheller's books. They are EXCELLENT for scales and Arpeggios. Good luck. Just keep it so you enjoy it. - JayHawk

A Guide to Ukulele Chords

Curt Sheller is a jazz guitarist with a love for the uke. He has turned his copious and capable knowledge of music theory, and chord theory in particular, and put out some very accessible and worthwhile books. His 'A Guide to Blues Chord Progressions for Ukulele from A to Z' will give you the changes essential to blues and jazz. 'A Guide to Ukulele Chords' is authoritative, concise, direct, and informative.

It is a great primary source for knowledge of chords for someone approaching music theory armed with a uke. James Hill wrote the intro.

I’m finding all sorts of spiffy stuff in 'QUICKSTART Scale Fingerings for Ukulele'.

These and other excellent learning aides can be found on Sheller’s site: www.LearningUkulele.com

He also sent me 'Midnight at the Jazz Café', a CD of his guitar work, which is on in the background all the while I’m writing this. Not ukulele, but pleasant listening. - Uke Jackson

Thanks for the download! For me, however, it's almost as difficult to memorize the rules of chord building as it is to just know where they are on the fretboard. My problem is, I'm not sufficiently knowledgeable where the notes are on the fretboard: I know I have that info from the literature you sent. I appreciate what you are doing.... - Roger

I wanted to pay you a compliment. (Now don't get a big head!). I have purchased many books over the past 15 years I have been playing and none of them come even close to having the detailed and easy to understand information yours have. I really got a chance to get some practicing in and am finding your books to be such a great learning tool. I also purchased a timer like you suggested and my practice sessions the past 4 days have been my best in years. - Take care, - Nick Matty ( link )

How About More Uke?

Wow! Got my copy. Superior uke playing. So smooth, so clean. You’ve got a wonderful CD here! — Chris S.

Curt, your CD was fantastic. You are among the ukulele masters of our day. — John K.

How About More Uke?

The Curt Sheller Jazz Trio Reveals Creative and Engaging Uses of Ukulele on New Album

Reprint from The Roots Authority - No Depression by STACEY ZERING. No Depression is a semiannual, high-end, ad-free print magazine with a concurrent online publication/

Inspired by their affection for jazz improvisation, the Curt Sheller Jazz Trio rework timeless classics on How About More Uke?, replacing the standard guitar backing with a ukulele, played with skill and creativity by Sheller himself. Alongside drummer Ed Rick on drums and Eric Schreiber on electric bass, Sheller reveals that the ukulele can be utilized as a serious and vibrant instrument.

The idea to experiment with the ukulele in jazz dawned on Sheller while traveling with his wife to South Dakota; searching online for a small guitar that could be easily transported during the trip, Sheller stumbled on a ukulele.

Conveying a sunshine atmosphere, "My Favorite Things," is spotlessly finessed, reigned by the suave sound of Sheller's ukulele. Driven by effervescent drums, it bounces off imagery of being in a remote beach, basking in the sun while toes are buried under powdery sand as cocktails are sipped. A cool wind brushes against the skin in "Georgia" as Sheller's poignant ukulele is accentuated by the acquiescent drift of the bass. The dark skies are suddenly wreathed with glittering stars, one of the fleeting images elicited by this incandescent piece. The finger-picked playing on "I'll Remember April" is marvelous, comforting, and empowering.

This is definitely a soothing, finely calibrated and harmonically rich collection. With its ebullient rhythms, vivacious tempos, and unrestrained high-spirited melodies, listeners will without a doubt get carried away by this blissful album. The use of the ukulele adds a compelling dynamic and an astonishing vibe in every track of the album; it is ambitious, cleverly layered and electrifying.

Midnight at the Jazz Cafe

Wow! Got my copy. Superior uke playing. So smooth, so clean. You’ve got a wonderful CD here! — Chris S.

Aloha, Curt, I received your CD in the mail yesterday and it is just great!! WOW!! It is very easy to listen to and your guitar is simply superb!!. Just a neat swinging selection of songs without getting too "complicated" like some performers tend to do. Keep up the great work and hope you have more projects in the future. Good luck and keep swinging!   Sincerely, Dave Alama

I finally got around to listen to your CD and I want you to know how much I like it. I just had to plow through about a dozen "smooth jazz: CD's and I though I was going to barf. I really appreciate how and what you play! — Roger Sadowsky, Sadowsky Guitars Ltd.

I received the CD and picks a couple of days ago. And thanks for including a few extra picks. I've really enjoyed listening tothe CD -- your sound is very pure and clear, and your arrangements are wonderful. — Tom Bloomfield (Derry, NH)

Hi Curt. I really enjoyed checking out your websites. Nice contribution to the jazz guitar community! I checked out your soundbites. "Shadow of Your Smile" sounds reminiscent of early Johnny Smith (one of my favorites). — Mike DeMicco

I stumbled on your website at jazzguitarresources.com and listened to your demo cuts from "Jazz At the Midnight Cafe". You blew me away. Your style is my absolute favorite for listening (and playing). Great stuff!! — Jim Weller

Received your CD just prior to leaving on a trip last week. Listened to it for 600 miles. Please keep me in mind should you EVER do another one of jazz standards. The only thing I'm sorry about is that I don't live close enough to come see you play live or to get lessons from you.

Also thanks for the picks. I've never used that style of pick before, but find that the notes come easier and sound better when using them. They took a bit of getting used to, but now they're all I use.

Best of luck to you. You're a great player. — Jim Weller

Performance Comments

I'm glad you had fun and despite being very busy it was a pleasure to meet and hear you. Last night I had a few beers with my "crew" and they were asked who was a standout act , and you won "most technically proficient" player . The audience seemed to have really enjoyed your set and when the audio is ready I'll send it down to you. — Rich Amazing Dick LeufstedtUkeStock 2008

Curt, I really enjoyed your set at The Whiskey, your low key intros, mic persona provided a cool contrast with your complex uke technique and ingenious arrangements! — Best wishes, Jared Denhard

The first time I heard Curt play, I knew he had talent . I am really enjoying his new album. Beautiful work! —Rich Reazer, President, Reazer's EDGE Custom Cabinets

The music was perfect for the evening and was much enjoyed by all. We wish you great success in your musical career, you surely deserve it. — Donna Taraglione, Fund Raising Coordinator Catholic Charties, Monmouth County, NJ

Great music. Look forward to your playing every year at our banquet.— Isabel O’Donovan-Kelley, President, Shore AC

I listened to your CD twice this week –very melodic. — Fellow Musician

You guys sound great!!! — — Everyplace I’ve Played

Site Comments

I, Curt, have been on the web, the Internet in one form or another since 1992. Here are some unsolicited comments from the JazzGuitarResources.com predecessor to LearningUkulele.com.

( From www.donmitchell.us ) I could spend a lot of time linking to a lot of the guitarists that I admire, but Curt Sheller has already assembled the most comprehensive list of to jazz guitarists I've ever seen on the web.

(June 2004) The Jazz Guitar Resources (JGR) web site is appropriately named. What started out as simply collecting information on archtop jazz guitar builders has evolved into probably the best jazz guitar resource on the web. The site contains listings and to almost 200 "luthiers", over 400 "jazz guitarists", and other areas of interest (major jazz guitar manufactures, amps, speaker cabinets, strings, publishers, online lessons and more...). Jazz Guitar Resources is created and maintained by jazz guitarist Curt Sheller (www.curtsheller.com"). It is a truly the ultimate in jazz guitar sites.

Curt has taken it upon himself to create a database of luthiers, performers, educators and guitar (as well as ukulele) information. A jazz guitarist and author himself, Curt also provides numerous lessons, info on jazz repertoire, as well as to and excerpts from various jazz books. On-line lessons include harmony, comping and improvisation. Along with the fantastic database, Curt offers publishing and graphic design services as well (a highlight of the site). With over 20 years in the artistic design, advertising and publishing business, Curt can assist any author or publishing company (including small-runs and self-publishers) to create and develop a product that rivals large company's work. His books and designs speak for themselves, as do his prices. Curt specializes in small runs of books at reasonable prices (something larger companies are simply unable to do). Curt can assist with layout and cover designs as well. Just as custom CD duplication services have helped level the playing field for all of the lesser-known performers, Curt's custom publishing can help the myriad of talented (but yet unknown) guitar educators share their resources with the world.

As a jazz guitar enthusiast, check out Curt's site for endless resources. As an instructor, check out Curt's site to help you put together a publication to market or use for your students. Curt Sheller can provide you with a simple and professional way to enter the guitar-publishing marketplace and not spend a fortune.

By Eric Elias

(April 2004) Six months ago, I approached Curt for some advice regarding music book publishing. Little did I know, Curt would end up printing and helping with distribution of my book! After doing quite a bit of research, Curt's prices for printing my book better than the "Big Boys" (and the smaller ones too). Additionally, Curt was very helpful with all kinds of "industry-insider" information regarding the music book publishing business, from the "how-tos" of technical writing to the suggestions of where the best credit card processing deals were.

I can't recommend Curt's printing and design services highly enough!

Jack Zucker
Author, 'Sheets of Sound for Guitar'

...a friend (another jazz guitar player) referred me to you site, told me it was "the best", and that i should check it out and get listed. he was right! i'm impressed! - Doug Simon

l've just been turned on to your fantastic site..an absolute wealth of information!!!! - Aaron Benson

Kudos to you for assembling such a wonderful website. I'll be Bebop....I mean be back! - Mitch Seidman

( November 2004 ) - Keep up the good work, Curt. Your site has gone well beyond everything else out there that I know of. It is both comprehensive and exhaustive. I don't know of a better jazz guitar resource.

Joe Finn

Wow! What a site!

I'd just like to commend you on all the hard work you've done and say keep up the good efforts. You've created a very comprehensive compilation of all kind of useful information. Anyone reading this should bookmark your site.

Thanks again Curt, and nice job. - Joe Finn

I don't get online much anymore, but I still visit the sites that I've saved from folks in this group, when I can.

JazzGuitarResource is an awesome site and a great effort made to get it that way. Thanks Curt... Ivan

Amazing! Simply amazing! What a great site! So cool! - Harris Wolfe

Hi Curt. I really enjoyed checking out your websites. Nice contribution to the jazz guitar community! I checked out your soundbites. "Shadow of Your Smile" sounds reminiscent of early Johnny Smith (one of my favorites). - Mike DeMicco

Man, what a great tool for Jazz guitarists!!! Thanks for doing all the work. - Morris Acevedo

GREAT site, Curt - you're bookmarked! - Clif Kuplen

I think your website is tremendous. I have found a teacher from it and am very impressed with the content that you supply. As well I have done alot of research on specific jazz guitarists which i have found through youre website, as well as insight. Thanks again and keep up the good work. - Mark Weisbart

I recently was searching on the web for a luthier and your site came up. You've done a great job and must have spent hours putting it together. It looks really good and provides a great list of resources for all jazz guitarists and more! - Alisdair MacRae Birch

I think your site is very well done. Between your site, Harmony Central and a few others, a guy can actually keep up. - Charles Crosman

That's a pretty impressive site you run, man. Congratulations! ♮ Dick Onstenk (Dutch Jazz Guitarist)

Thanks much for putting out a great website. - Mark Kleinhaut

I've checked out the site, Curt, and that is probably the best list of luthiers that I've come across! - Jim Kangas

I really enjoyed spending an hour or so touring your site, especially your Howard Roberts area. I was a student of his in the 60's, and later a friend, and it's good to see his name kept alive.

Thanks for all your hard work. - Larry Bellinger

I have to thank you again - I' ve spent days on your website now - and I'm only a quarter of the way through devouring it all comprehensively. - www.bluesmother.com

Teaching Comments

(From a posting to the jazz guitar newsgroup) Rocco, I took a lesson from a guy named Curt Sheller, who lives in Pottstown, PA area. Depending on where you live in the Philly area, that might be a bit of a drive for you, but he is well worth it. He's an excellent teacher. I took a lesson from him a couple of months ago, and had planned on taking a one-hour lesson per month from him, but then my work required me to travel almost every week since then and so I haven't been able to master the assignments he gave me so far.

I have taken single lessons from a few teachers in the area, and he is by far the best I've seen.

He is the only guy that I could find that is truly flexible in terms of scheduling, and to top it off, he's the best teacher for the guitar I've ever found as well... — Bob

Here is a comment on my UkuleleLessons format from the 4thPeg Uke Forum.

“Very nice. I like the format. It makes it easy to print up for study and practice. As always, great material. Keep up the great work. Your materials and sites are some of the best out there!” — - Ed - 4thPeg Uke Forum

Here is a comment on my UkuleleLessons format from the 4thPeg Uke Forum.

Your chord of the week lessons are great! Really opened my eyes as to what I was doing & has allowed me to figure out the best way to play the chords I need, depending on the arrangement. Ive actually only looked at the first 2 weeks so far, then worked out the 3rd week myself.

I especially like the way that each week builds on what was learned the previous, so you are incorporating all the forms into the exercises!

Thanks guys!

( Curt, guys is one but thanks all the same. )

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If you're anything like me (Curt) and getting Subscription overloaded with everything and everybody on-line wanting money from you once a month — I'm with you. For like-minded individuals, this forever plan is a pay once, and you're done.

The price for Unlimited Forever access is right around the cost of a few months of private lessons. I can guarantee there is more than enough material on-line to keep you busy for a long, long time. And, you get all of my books for FREE. That alone is more than the cost of this plan.

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NOTE: Each higher access level includes ALL the benefits of the lower levels. Private Lessons include all the benefits of a Premium Access Plans as long as you remain a student on the schedule.

Just browsing over both books, they look fantastic! I'm a guitarist and uke player for over 25 years and was thinking about writing a ukulele book but you've already written what I think are the best, most comprehensive and thorough books I've ever seen for the instrument. I just might end up buying every book you've written and I'll be giving my highest recommendation for your books to my friends and students. Thank you so much for taking the time to write such great books!Peter Rhee

Aloha, Curt, All I can say is WOW! What you have accomplished is simply incredible! All the bestGlen Hirabayashi, The Aloha Boys

Folks, if you haven't stopped by Curt's site, do so right now! ..And get his books, they are fantastic. This guy knows his stuff and is able to pass it along too.Alan Johnson Proprietor, The 4th Peg

I can highly recommend Curt's Uke books — I have four of them and they are excellent.fatveg — Portland

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