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All Ukulele Festivals and Camps

Be sure to check with the individual festival site for the latest news regarding any individual festival. A lot has changed with COVID-19 virus still around.

There a are a couple of Virtual Festivals going on. Search the web, check with fellow ukulele players to see what is going on.

Send in any changes and updates as more and more festivals are coming back and going LIVE and in-person. Thanks, Curt


Big House in the Country - Ukulele Weekend , , Hadrians Wall Country GBR Jan 11, 2019

Winter Uke Fest , New York, NY USA Jan 30, 2022

Brown County Ukulele Festival , Nashville, IN USA Jan 19, 2024


Blue Mountains Ukulele Festival , Katoomba, NSW AUS Feb 10, 2023

Lauder Uke Fest , Lauder, Central Otago NZL Feb 5, 2022

Annual Ukulele Picnic in Hawaii , Honolulu, HI USA Feb 16, 2020


Melbourne Ukulele Festival , Melbourne, AUS Mar 15, 2024

The Vancouver Ukulele Festival , Vancouver, BC CAN Mar 22, 2019

Great Waikoloa Ukulele Festival , Waikoloa Beach, HI USA Mar 7, 2020

Gaithersburg Uke Fest , Gaithersburg, MD USA Mar 11, 2022

Bundanoon Ukulele Festival , Bundanoon, NSW AUS Mar 19, 2022


Port Townsend Ukulele Festival and Workshop , Port Townsend, WA USA Apr 11, 2023

Santa Monica Ukulele Festival , Santa Monica, CA USA Apr 18, 2018

Northern California Uke Fest , Hayward, CA USA Apr 30, 2023

Uke Ohana Molokai , Halawa Valley, Molokai, HI USA Apr 5, 2019

Brooklyn Uke Fest , Brooklyn, NY USA Apr 7, 2024

Memphis Uke-N-Roll Jamboree , Memphis, TN USA Apr 18, 2024

Hop ‘n Uke Fest , Fredericksburg, VA USA Apr 20, 2024

Suncoast Ukulele Fest , Nokomis, FL USA Apr 11, 2019

Bracklesham Ukulele Weekends – Jersey (UK) , Marine Parade, Eastbourne GBR Apr 21, 2023

Allegheny Ukulele Soirée , Altoona, PA USA Apr 26, 2024


Denver Uke Fest - Shallow Hill , Denver, CO USA May 5, 2022

Kerrville Music Festivals , Kerrville, TX USA May 23, 2023

Na Hoku O Hawaii Music Festival , Honolulu, HI USA May 22, 2015

Paris Uke Fest , Paris, FRA May 14, 2015

Funstrummers Ukulele Band of Modesto , Modesto, CA USA May 16, 2015

West Coast Ukulele Retreat , Pacific Grove, CA USA May 2, 2018

Uke-A-Palooza , La Crosse, WI USA May 17, 2015

Canada Ukes Ukulele Festival , Midland, ONT CAN May 22, 2015

Las Cruces UkeFest , Las Cruces, NM USA May 17, 2024

Ashokan Uke Fest , Olivebridge, NY USA May 24, 2024

Ukulele Harmonic Convergence , Lancaster, PA USA May 11, 2024

New Forest Ukulele Festival , New Milton, Hampshire GBR May 18, 2019

Alabama Uke Fest , Lake Guntersville, AL USA May 3, 2024

Aurora Uke Fest , Aurora, IL USA May 5, 2024

Michigan Ukulele Extravaganza (MUE) , East Lansing, MI USA May 19, 2024

Ukulele Jazz Festival , , CAN May 21, 2022

Hills Ukulele Festival HUF , Emerald, Victoria AUS May 18, 2024

Rocket City Ukulele Festival , Huntsville, AL USA May 5, 2018


London Uke Festival , Hornsey, London GBR Jun 20, 2009

Blackwater Ukulele Festival , Cypress Gardens, NC USA Apr 8, 2015

Grand Northern Ukulele Festival , Huddersfield, UK GBR Jun 16, 2023

San Diego Ukulele Festival , San Diego, CA USA Jun 6, 2015

Ukulele Festival Of Great Britian , Cheltenham, GBR Jun 16, 2017

Mighty Uke Day , Lansing, MI USA May 19, 2024

Upton Ukulele Festival , , Worcestershire GBR Jun 18, 2020

Macomb Ukulele Festival , Macomb, IL USA Jun 6, 2015

ESVA UkeFest , Cape Charles, VA USA Jun 17, 2022

Nanaimo Ukulele Festival (Canada) , Nanaimo, BC CAN Jun 24, 2024

Galway Ukulele Festial , Galway, IRL May 21, 2024

Flea Fest , Shelby, NC USA Jun 23, 2023

Dusty Strings , Seattle, WA USA Jun 22, 2015

Berliner Ukulele Festival , Berlin, DEU Jun 14, 2024


Lake Anne Plaza Ukulele Festival , Reston, VA USA Jul 11, 2015

Mighty MO Ukulele Festival , New Haven, MO USA Jul 10, 2014

Ukulele Festival of Hawaii , Waikiki, HI USA Jul 17, 2022

Czech Ukulele Festival , Unetice, Prague CZE Jul 26, 2024

Charm City Ukulele Festival , Baltimore, MD USA Jul 25, 2015

Uke U-7 , Bend, OR USA Jun 30, 2018

Midwest Ukulele Camp , North Manchester, IN USA Jul 19, 2024

Aquile Ukulele Festival , , Vicenza ITA Jul 13, 2018


Oakridge Ukulele Festival , Oakridge, OR USA Aug 1, 2014

Philadelphia Folk Festival | Philadelphia Folksong Society , Philadelphia, PA USA Aug 16, 2024

Pompulele - The Portsmouth Ukulele Festival , Albert Road, Portsmouth GBR Aug 27, 2011

Ukulele Festival South Florida , Fort Lauderdale, FL USA Aug 5, 2019

Strathmore Uke Fest , North Bethesda, MD USA Aug 10, 2024

Utah Uke Fest , Logan, UT USA Aug 6, 2022

Silver Creek International Ukulele Carnival , Two Harbors, MN USA Aug 18, 2022

Montreal Uke Fest , Montreal, QC CAN Aug 23, 2014

Uke Hooley , Dublin, IRL Aug 24, 2024

Mid West Uke Fest , Woodburn, IN USA Aug 15, 2015

Windy City Uke Fest , Des Plaines, IL USA Aug 1, 2008

Music City Uke Fest , Franklin, TN USA Aug 1, 2024

Hood River Uke Fest , Hood River, OR USA Aug 22, 2015

Rocky Mountain UkeFest , Durango, CO USA Aug 2, 2024

Belfast Ukulele Festival , Belfast, ME USA Aug 19, 2022


Albuquerque Ukekopelli Festival , Albuquerque, NM USA Sep 27, 2019

Los Angeles International `Ukulele Festival , Los Angeles, CA USA Sep 20, 2024

Connecticut Ukulele Festival , Norwalk, CT USA Sep 21, 2019

Maui Ukulele Festival , Kahului, Maui, HI USA Sep 26, 2021

Albuquerque Ukekopelli Festival , Albuquerque, NM USA Sep 27, 2019

Wine Country Uke Fest , St. Helena, CA USA Sep 10, 2015

Tunes In The Dunes , Otis, OR USA Sep 16, 2022

KYukefest , Lexington, KY USA Sep 9, 2022

Ukulele Festival of Poros , Askeli Beach, Paros GRE Sep 19, 2015

Marthas Vineyard Ukulele Festival , Marthas Vineyard, MA USA Sep 19, 2015

Dock Street Uke Camp , Shelburne, NS CAN Sep 20, 2019

Ohio Ukulele Campout , Loudonville, OH USA Sep 25, 2015

Holy Smokey Uke Fest , Lodi, WI USA Sep 11, 2022

Nutmeg Ukulele Festival , Simsbury, CT USA Sep 9, 2022

Boroondara Ukulele Festival (BUF) , Ashburton, VIC AUS Sep 18, 2022

New Jersey Uke Fest , Morristown, NJ USA Sep 8, 2023

Electric City Ukefest , Schenectady, NY USA Sep 21, 2013

Hana Hou Music Festival , Honolulu, HI USA Sep 8, 2023

Ukulele Hoopla , Omaha, NE USA Sep 24, 2011

Ukulele Club of Santa Cruz - Burning Uke , Carmel Valley, CA USA Sep 28, 2018

Royal City Uke Fest , Guelph, ON CAN Sep 27, 2019


Funky Frets Ukulele Festival , Boyertown, PA USA Oct 3, 2024

Great Lakes Ukulele Gathering , Elm Grove, WI USA Oct 13, 2019

Southern California Ukulele Festival (SCUF) , Cerritos, CA USA Oct 4, 2008

Sunshine Coast Ukulele Masters , Imbil, QLD AUS Oct 8, 2021

Berkshire County Uke Fest , North Adams, MA USA Oct 17, 2021

SPRUKE - Brisbane Ukulele Festival , Brisbane, Queensland AUS Oct 2, 2015

Grand Southern Ukulele Festival , , Portsmouth GBR May 10, 2019

The International Ukulele Ceilidh in Nova Scotia , Liverpool, NS CAN Oct 4, 2019

Eugene UkeToberFest , Eugene, OR USA Oct 26, 2018

Reno Uke Fest , Reno, NV USA Oct 9, 2024

Antelope Valley Ukulele Festival , Lancaster, CA USA Oct 5, 2019

Strummin' Man , Panama City, FL USA Oct 12, 2018

Vermont Ukulele Harvest , Saxtons River, VT USA Oct 16, 2020


New Zealand Ukulele Festival , Auckland, Auckland NZL Nov 17, 2018

Tampa Bay Ukulele Getaway , Tamp Bay, FL USA Nov 3, 2024

Palm Springs, Ukulele Festival , Palm Springs, CA USA Oct 31, 2019

Great Minnesota Uke Gathering , Plymouth, MN USA Nov 11, 2022

Sassy Lassie Ukulele Retreat , Charlotte County, FL USA Nov 11, 2021

Tacoma Ukulele Festival , Tacoma, WA USA Nov 5, 2022

La Semana de Uke-Culinary Fiesta , Ajijic, CA MEX Nov 7, 2018

Hawai'i Island Ukulele Retreat , Kalani Honua, HI USA Nov 10, 2019

UkeFest Virginia , Glen Allen, VA USA Nov 5, 2022

Polish Ukulele Festival , Sławkow, POL Nov 23, 2019

Ukulele JAMboree , Springwood, New South Wales AUS Nov 9, 2018

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