Learning Ukulele with Curt

No Tricks • No Secrets • No Shortcuts • Nothing for Dummies — and you're NOT going to learn the ukulele in 7 days or 30 days or even master it in your lifetime. You just enjoy the ride, explore, and have a lifetime of fun!

The `Ukulele Getting Started with `Ukulele Learn a New Chord Every Day of the Year Start with the - January 1st - C Chord. The first chord all new players learn. Site Membership Plans Forever Plan $100 OFF Till End of 2018 - Never Pay Again 60+ Lessons Series 640+ Lessons New & Updated Lessons 120+ Songs & Tabs 70+ Premium Play-along Tracks 50+ Books Videos Ukulele Luthiers, Manufactures, & Gear Ukulele Clubs Around the World Ukulele Festivals Study with Curt Private On-on-one Lessons with Curt Mega List of Ukulele Links LearningUkulele.com Blog About Curt & LearningUkulele.com Gear For Sale Some gear and goodies FOR SALE - Gear Page... Go to LearningUkulele Site

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