Learning Ukulele with Curt

In an era, where when so many of the great Jazz Ukulele players have gone on to play in the angel band, Curt rightly steps up to be my personal favorite when it comes to jazz on the ukulele. His musical knowledge is unending and his improvisational chops are #1. When the planets align and we're able to jam it's a real thrill. - Lil' Rev

The `Ukulele Getting Started with `Ukulele Learn a New Chord Every Day of the Year Start with the - January 1st - C Chord. The first chord all new players learn. Site Membership Plans Forever Plan $100 OFF Till End of FALL 2019 - Never Pay Again 64+ Lessons Series 650+ Lessons New & Updated Lessons 129+ Songs & Tabs 130+ Premium Play-along Tracks 66+ Books 129+ Videos Ukulele Luthiers, Manufactures, & Gear Ukulele Clubs Around the World Ukulele Festivals Study with Curt Private On-on-one Lessons with Curt Mega List of Ukulele Links LearningUkulele.com Blog About Curt & LearningUkulele.com Gear For Sale Some gear and goodies FOR SALE - Gear Page... Go to LearningUkulele Site

No Tricks • No Secrets • No Shortcuts • Nothing for Dummies — and you're NOT going to learn the ukulele in 7 days or 30 days or even master it in your lifetime. You just enjoy the ride, explore, and have a lifetime of fun!

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