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What’s Bad About the Internet?

A guest lesson/article by internationally renowned jazz guitarist and educator Chuck Anderson.

PUBLISHED: Jan 8, 2016 UPDATED: Mar 22, 2019 • VIEWS: 0 • LESSON CODE: CAL02

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What’s Bad About the Internet?

This is a guest lesson/article by internationally renowned jazz guitarist and educator Chuck Anderson

For all the advantages that the Internet offers and there are many of them, it seems to be having one particularly bad effect.

Patience or more specifically the cultivation of a lack of patience is an unfortunate outgrowth of today’s Internet.

In some fields, this new standard of impatience isn’t problematic. It’s fine to get your pizza sooner or find a cheaper price on some item. But in my field of jazz guitar performance and education as well as music education in general, it’s not an advantage. What’s Bad about the Internet?

The Internet has spawned an entire generation that does not see value in anything. This group thinks that it shouldn’t pay for anything. There is no thought to the work and effort that many have invested to make the world a better place.

The creation of music is a good example. If music is so devalued that it’s free, then there will eventually be no professionals creating music. Everything will degenerate into amateur music making. I’m all for amateur music making but there should be a place for the professional as well. And for today’s Internet user, a professional is defined as one who makes a living from what he or she does.

The Internet user also thinks that everything should be instant gratification and results.

Well if you’re serious about music or any other long term goal, it’s time that you revise your thinking and your attitude.!

If you’re pursuing learning on the Internet, develop some patience. Flitting from one program to another will not allow you to develop or maximize your potential.

As someone recently said “I don’t need to learn anything because I’ve read a few books”.

Reprinted by permission from Chuck Anderson •

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