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QuickStart Scale Fingerings for Ukulele, Volume I, C Tuning

A highly organized, efficient system of scale fingerings for C tuning.

PUBLISHED: Sep 23, 2002 UPDATED: Jun 24, 2006 • BOOK CODE: QS1UKES

Instruments: ukulele Subjects: scalesbluesquickstartfingerboardadvancedbeginnerintermediateimprovisationmodes

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QuickStart Scale Fingerings for Ukulele, Volume I, C Tuning

Product Code: QS1UKES
Author(s): Curt Sheller
Publisher(s): Curt Sheller Publications
Published: Sep 23, 2002
Updated: Jun 24, 2006
ISBN-13: 978-0-9714044-6-5
Size: 8.5 x 11
Pages: 98
Price: Hard Copy: $19.95
Price: PDF: $9


This book is out of print and has been replaced by the individual scale books covering each scale with additional information.

Six essential scales for C tuned ukuleles. Blues, Pentatonic**, Dorian, Mixolydian, Aeolian and Ionian scales are covered in all keys with one octave scale fingerings starting on any finger.

The QuickStart series of scale fingering books are available in a variety of tunings for ukulele, guitar and bass guitar.

Tunings: C with low or high G - (GCEA or gCEA).

####QUICKSTART - Scale Fingerings for Ukulele

Learn to create exciting solos in a variety of contemporary styles!

Scales are used to improvise, create melodies and riffs. With a broad knowledge of the essential scales that are used in contemporary music and a mastery of the ukulele's fingerboard and fingering principles you're well on your way.

Master these fingerings and unlock your potential as a ukulele player!

Available for Standard Soprano, Concert and Tenor ukuleles tuned to (G C E A) - Key of C tuning and Tenor and Baritone ukuleles tuned to (D G B E) - Key of G tuning.

QUICKSTART - Scale Fingerings for Ukulele is a concise, well organized book ideal for any ukulele player beginning to explore improvisation. Scale Fingerings for Ukulele keeps a sharp focus on six critical scales, their fingerings and their related chords. All material is covered in every key.

Whether your interest is in Blues, Rock, Jazz, Country or somewhere in between Scale Fingerings for Ukulele is a valuable addition to your musical library.


QUICKSTART - Scale Fingerings for Ukulele is a highly organized, efficient system of scale fingerings. Each fingering pattern is shown with a fingerboard shape, TAB and standard music notation. Related chords are also explained for each scale.

Master these fingerings and unlock your potential as a ukulele player.

Individual Scale Books Available

Don't need all six essential scales in one book - then try the individual scale books for:

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Table of Contents

QuickStart Scale Fingerings for Ukulele, Volume I, C Tuning

Six essential scales for advanced ukulele players...

  • Forward
  • Introduction
  • Scales-Chords-Progressions
    • Blues Scales
      • Shapes
      • Chords
    • Pentatonic Scales
      • Shapes
      • Chords
    • Dorian Scales
      • Shapes
      • Chords
    • Mixolydian Scales
      • Shapes
      • Chords
    • Aeolian Scales
      • Shapes
      • Chords
    • Ionian Scales
      • Shapes
      • Chords
  • Additional Info
  • Practice Tips
  • Final Thoughts

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QuickStart Scale Fingerings for Ukulele, Volume I, C Tuning

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The latest download ( PDF or eBook ) always has the latest changes and errata changes incorporated and contain the most up-to-date version of the file. If you download the book from you'll be notified when there is a new version of the book available.


Comments regarding for QuickStart Scale Fingerings for Ukulele, Volume I, C Tuning.

CS, Man, I broke the code!!! I‘ve had you books for quite a while and never understood them. I live on the island of Lanai in Hawaii and a large number of guys can jam and they have tried the help, but could not read or understand the music. A new young guy moved here from Oahu and started teaching lessons. I started taking lessons from him and again, he did not understand what you books were all about. Being a teacher myself I knew there was a great deal of knowledge in your books and I could help him in setting up his lesson plans for his classes. I also told him that you basic books would be great for his students. After my 3rd lesson I broke out you Quickstart Book and it took us about 45 minutes to break the code. The power of reading!?!?!?!?! I will continue to tell lessons just because the local sound is so fresh but, this blue stuff w/ local music will be off the hook. Thank again. I will be buying more books and I will try to get h is contact information. ! His uncle was Bratha "IZ" - Kevin L. Humphrey

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Just browsing over both books, they look fantastic! I'm a guitarist and uke player for over 25 years and was thinking about writing a ukulele book but you've already written what I think are the best, most comprehensive and thorough books I've ever seen for the instrument. I just might end up buying every book you've written and I'll be giving my highest recommendation for your books to my friends and students. Thank you so much for taking the time to write such great books!Peter Rhee

Aloha, Curt, All I can say is WOW! What you have accomplished is simply incredible! All the bestGlen Hirabayashi, The Aloha Boys

Folks, if you haven't stopped by Curt's site, do so right now! ..And get his books, they are fantastic. This guy knows his stuff and is able to pass it along too.Alan Johnson Proprietor, The 4th Peg

I can highly recommend Curt's Uke books — I have four of them and they are excellent.fatveg — Portland

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