Ukulele Festival Listings for Jun

Seems like there is a ukulele festival, somewhere in the world every month of the year. Listings include ukulele camps and retreats. I rely on fellow ukulele players, fans, and festival organizers to let me know of their current schedule.
Be sure to Check the festival site for the last info and current dates. Not ALLL festivals or camps are every year.

Midwest Ukulele Camp - Jun 26, 2020 to Jun 28, 2020

Midwest Ukulele Camp

Midwest Ukulele Camp Events

Promising to be the premier ukulele camp in the country, Midwest Uke Camp is an exciting new experience co-produced by Mighty Uke Day‘s Ben Hassenger and Stan Werbin of world-renowned Elderly Instruments. Based on the long-running Midwest Banjo Camp, our uke camp combines the excitement of the Mighty Uke Day festival with the immersive workshop.

ESVA UkeFest - Jun 19, 2020 to Jun 21, 2020

ESVA UkeFest

ESVA UkeFest Festival

ESVA UkeFest on the Chesapeake Bay, featuring local & regional ukulele acts, beach jam, workshops & more! Come play with us, visit local shops & restaurants, and discover—or rediscover!—our beautiful home, the Eastern Shore of Virginia!

Upton Ukulele Festival - Jun 18, 2020 to Jun 21, 2020

Upton Ukulele Festival

Upton Ukulele Festival Events

Grand Northern Ukulele Festival - May 18, 2020 to May 21, 2020

Grand Northern Ukulele Festival

Grand Northern Ukulele Festival Events

Our festival feature the world’s best ukulele acts. We’ll have performers from across the globe and around the country. Expect a wide range of talented, surprising and fun acts.

Brooklyn Uke Fest - Jun 14, 2019 to Jun 15, 2019

Brooklyn Uke Fest

Brooklyn Uke Fest Event

Bring you ukulele and join us for an evening of performances, raffles, play-a-longs, wine, and light food. The fun starts at 6pm on a secret rooftop in Brooklyn!

Ukulele Festival Of Great Britian - Jun 16, 2017 to Jun 18, 2017

Ukulele Festival Of Great Britian

Ukulele Festival Of Great Britian Events

The annual festival is held over three days from in June. Precise details will be provided in the programme, but for those who have not been before, the web site gives an approximate breakdown of activities throughout the weekend.

Belfast Ukulele Festival - Jun 3, 2017

Belfast Ukulele Festival

Belfast Ukulele Festival Events

Ukulele workshops and performances from nationally-renowned Uke players at Steamboat Landing and the Belfast Boathouse for more information Belfast Parks and Rec 207-338-3370

Dusty Strings - Jun 22, 2015 to Jun 24, 2015

Dusty Strings

Dusty Strings Dealers

When Ray and Sue Mooers started Dusty Strings in 1979, Ray built hammered dulcimers in the couple’s basement, and the two played and sold them at festivals and craft fairs. After they switched to selling through acoustic music retailers, the business began to grow, adding employees until the basement no longer sufficed.

San Diego Ukulele Festival - Jun 6, 2015

San Diego Ukulele Festival

San Diego Ukulele Festival Events

The 2014 San Diego Ukulele Festival will take place the weekend of June 7th.

Macomb Ukulele Festival - Jun 6, 2015

Macomb Ukulele Festival

Macomb Ukulele Festival Events

Blackwater Ukulele Festival - Apr 8, 2015

Blackwater Ukulele Festival

Blackwater Ukulele Festival Events

Blackwater Ukulele Festival at Cypress Gardens October 13, 2012

London Uke Festival - Jun 20, 2009

London Uke Festival

London Uke Festival Events

All festival submissions will be verified before posting.

Be sure to check your listing for most current information, dates, etc...
All festival listings have been verified at their time of listing. I rely on the festival organizers and site visitors to notify of changes and updates. I check once in a while - but these are free listings.

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