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Ukulele Festivals: By Month

COVID Updates: Be sure to check with the individual festivals' to ensure they are still being held or if they have gone virtual. ALL festivals are following their states and county's health guidelines.

COVID Updates: Be sure to check with the individual festivals' to ensure they are still being held or have gone virtual.

Past years festival are show for historical purposes. And, you never know they might come back some day. ALL listings are FREE, just let me know and I'll updated or add a listings.

Jul 28, 2023 — Jul 29, 2023

Festival director: Ben Anderson
+420 602 267 684

Czech Ukulele Festival Events

Letos nás čeká první událost svého druhu na světě, "Dámské vydání" předvede převážně ženské účinkující, můžeme čekat velké věci. První den festivalu bude již tradičně výletní. Letos pojedeme vlakem do skvostného středověkého města Kutná Hora, kde budeme hrát poblíž úžasného chrámu Svaté Barbory. Těšte se na skvělou podívanou a spoustu letní zábavy v krásných prostorách. Sobota a neděle se odehrají ve vsi Únětice na okraji Prahy, program bude po celé dva dny nabitý workshopy a koncerty. Mnoho workshopů se uskuteční na různých místech obce, hlavní koncertní pódium bude pak v pivovaru v centru obce.

Jul 8, 2023 — Jul 10, 2023

Midwest Uke & Harmonica Camp 2023 will be held at Manchester University in North Manchester, Indiana. North Manchester is in north-central Indiana, about 40 minutes west of Fort Wayne.

Midwest Ukulele Camp Events

Promising to be the premier ukulele camp in the country, Midwest Uke Camp is an exciting new experience co-produced by Mighty Uke Day‘s Ben Hassenger and Stan Werbin of world-renowned Elderly Instruments. Based on the long-running Midwest Banjo Camp, our uke camp combines the excitement of the Mighty Uke Day festival with the immersive workshop.

Jul 17, 2022 — Jul 18, 2022

This is a final Hawaii Ukulele Festival and is going Virtual.

Ukulele Festival of Hawaii Events

Ukulele Festival Hawaii is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit charitable organization established in 2004 by Roy and Kathy Sakuma who have dedicated their life�s work to preserving interest and spreading the joy of the ukulele through free ukulele festivals, lessons, community events, college scholarships and the donation of ukulele to the underprivileged.

Jul 7, 2022 — Jul 10, 2022

The Rocky Mountain Ukefest is back for its 7th year in Durango, Colorado . Registration begins April 15th with presenters Victoria Vox with Jack Maher (Jack & the Vox), Aaron & Nicole Keim (The Quiet American), Kevin Carroll and Marnie Ward.

Rocky Mountain UkeFest Events

Rocky Mountain UkeFest - come to the mountains!! Bring your ukuleles and enjoy the beautiful San Juan Mountains during this small, intimate summertime festival! Gather with your friends in the world of ukulele and tour all the sites and activities that make Durango, Colorado special.

Jul 13, 2018 — Jul 14, 2018

Teatro Astra Vicenza, Italy

Aquile Ukulele Festival Events

Founded in the 2nd century B.C. in northern Italy, Vicenza prospered under Venetian rule from the early 15th to the end of the 18th century. The work of Andrea Palladio (1508–80), based on a detailed study of classical Roman architecture, gives the city its unique appearance. Palladio’s urban buildings, as well as his villas, scattered throughout the Veneto region, had a decisive influence on the development of architecture. His work inspired a distinct architectural style known as Palladian, which spread to England and other European countries, and also to North America.

Jun 30, 2018 — Jul 2, 2018

Uke U-7 Events

Uke U-6 is at beautiful Cascades Academy, just outside of Bend Oregon. Uke U is a three-day festival dedicated to fostering the Spirit of Aloha through friendship, education, and ukulele music, featuring 50 workshops by some of the most accomplished musicians and instructors in the ukulele world, as well as great concerts on Friday and Saturday night, Open Mic sessions, Playalongs, and some of the friendliest folks you could ask to spend a weekend with.

Jul 25, 2015

Charm City Ukulele Festival Events

Charm City celebrates that most charming of instruments “ the mighty uke! Born in Hawaii in the 1880s, but with roots from Portugal, this jewel of the Jazz Age, and a staple of Canadian's musical education in British Columbia, the uke temporarily lost steam post Tiny Tim only to rise again in the early '90s. Today we gather a cast of celebrated uke players who have dedicated themselves to exploring the unpretentious little instrument's full range for an afternoon of hands on workshops and an evening of wondrous performances.

The Creative Alliance builds communities by bringing together artists and audiences from diverse backgrounds to experience spectacular arts and education programs and engage in the creative process. We provide support to area artists, promote Baltimore as a center for creative production, act as a positive force in our community, and advocate for cultural expression rooted in a sense of place.

Jul 11, 2015

Lake Anne Plaza Ukulele Festival Events

July marks the annual ritual when ukulele fans head to the waterfront at Lake Anne and enjoy the tranquil tunes when the plaza hosts its popular Lake Anne Ukulele Festival. The free festival features performances by several internationally known and local ukulele musicians, music demonstrations, open to the public jam session, festival vendors, and other family friendly activities. This festival is the only ukulele festival in Northern Virginia, which has brought thousands of people to Lake Anne from across the region for this event.

Jul 10, 2014 — Jul 13, 2014

Mighty MO Ukulele Festival Events

2012 Mighty MO Ukulele Festival, July 20, 21 & 22
Sponsored by Boat Paddle Ukulele Company The MMUF will be held at a new, all-inclusive retreat center this year. Your accommodations and meals will be on-site so you won‘t have to go anywhere to enjoy a fun-filled, “jam-packed” weekend!

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