The manner and degree to which one employs the technical skills of an endeavor as applied to `ukulele.

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Technique is the manner and degree to which one employs the technical skills of an endeavor.

For ukulele or any instrument that use of the hands, it's the motor skills and the efficient application of the motor skills for the specific musical tasks that are needed and required for performance.

Technique in involves with hands, the fretting hand and the plucking or picking hand. Both hands need to be developed independently and together.

As the ukulele typically doesn't use a pick a strumming and fingerstyle approach is most often used.

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Ukulele Fingering Gymnastics

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Alternating Thumb Fingerpicking on Ukulele

This is the common alternating thumb and two finger strumming style utilizing the thumb, index and middle fingers. Commonly called “Travis” picking in the guitar world. This series of lessons explores and adapts this style to ukulele. Travis Picking is a finger-style made famous by Merle Travis and Chet Atkins. This style is commonly played on steel string acoustic guitars. You'll find this series of lessons to be the most complete, comprenhesive and organized series of lessons offered anywhere - GUARANTEED.

Chord Switching, Double Stop Drills for Ukulele

Switching chords is all about finger independence and working together. This can be developed using the double stop fingering drills presented in this lesson.

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