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Ukulele Club Listings for California

Baywood Ukulele Social Club Clubs

Berkeley Ukulele Club Clubs

The Berkeley Ukulele Club is an active community of ukulele players, musicians and singers from all over the San Francisco Bay area. We have our big meetups on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month in Berkeley, California and smaller neighborhood jams throughout the San Francisco Bay Area in between. Whether you are a beginner or seasoned player, please join us twice a month to share songs, techniques and music and uke talk. There are no dues or membership. Just show up and have fun. Everyone is welcome. We love to play!

Claremont Ukulele Club Clubs

We strum every third Sunday from 3:30 PM to 5:00 PM at the Michael Vargas Conservatory of Music at the Packing House in Claremont. We also perform sporadically throughout the year!

E Kanikapila Kakou Musicians

E Kanikapila Kākou! means Let’s Play Music! We meet every Sunday from 5pm to 8pm in Dana Point, CA. We are a group of friends from Hawai’i who are committed to sharing our passion for the Hawaiian culture with the community through fellowship and encouragement. Bring your ukulele and strum along with us. No ukulele, no problem, come sing and talk story. All levels welcome.

Funstrummers Ukulele Band of Modesto Clubs

Funstrummers meet every Friday morning and play for three hours beginning with a class and ending with a free choice play along. There is also a similar program for all skill levels on Monday evenings.

Jumpin' Flea Circus Players of Los Angeles Uke Club Clubs

We play only the best selection of music, from the 1920s to the 2020s. I’m talking GREAT songs. The hallmark of the Jumpin Fleas is that we provide FULLY NOTATED, ORIGINAL ARRANGEMENTS of all the songs we play. No chord boxes and lyric sheets here. You get the full score, plus more! We play at the advanced-beginner level and above, but even if you’re just starting, come see us and watch your playing and personality improve by LEAPS and BOUNDS!!!

Kolohe Ukulele Club of Southern California Clubs

KOLOHE ‘UKULELE CLUB was formed in 2000 & meets for practice at “ISLAND BAZAAR” in Surf City U.S.A. on the 2nd, 3rd, & 4th TuesNite of the month @ 7:pm. Under our Kumu UNCLE HENRY KAMAE, we play Hawaiian & Hapa Haole music and invites ALL levels of ‘UKULELE PLAYERS to jam with us Island Style. KOLOHE has performed at the Southern California Ukulele Festival, the Tiki Beach Fest in Belmont Shore, the Asian & Pacific Islander Councle Banquets, the San Dimas Ho‘Olaule‘a, Aloha-Cruz Island Beach Shows, for many‘a Lu`au, Halau performances, festivals, & other functions.

Napa Valley Flea Jumpers Clubs

The Napa Valley Flea Jumpers (or “Wine Country” Flea Jumpers, depending on the day or week) is a loosely knit group of ukulele enthusiasts who get together once a month to drink wine, eat pupus, enjoy each other’s company, and play our ‘ukuleles. We meet anywhere they’ll have us, generally on the last Sunday of the month. Anyone and everyone is welcome to join us…if you can find us. Keep checking back for updates on where and when; we’d love to meet you.

Strum Bums Ukulele Extravaganze Rescue and Relief Band Musicians

Members meet every Thursday from 3:30 to 5, and perform at least once a week at convalescent homes, retirement communities, hospitals, schools, fairs, festivals and fund-raisers for non-profits. Led by Dan Scanlan, aka, Cool Hand Uke, since 2000. We have performed at the Northern California Uke Fest in Santa Cruz, the New York Ukulele Festival and the 38th Annual International Ukulele Festival in Honolulu. All ages are welcome and newcomers to the ukulele are treated to Scanlan’s famous first uke lesson.

The Pluckin' Strummers Clubs

The purpose of the Pluckin’ Strummers is to have fun, share our love of music and grow our skills. We wish to create a welcome place for beginners and form a ukulele club that is home to players of all skill levels.

A Los Angeles Ukulele Club – Brought to you by T&A Ukulele

Ukulele Club of Santa Cruz Clubs

Meetings are generally the 3rd Thursday of each month at Bocci’s Cellar Restaurant, 140 Encinal Street, Santa Cruz, CA

Ukulele Friends of Ohana Clubs

Ukulele Society of America Clubs

Ukulele Society of America, led by Alakai Pat "Palika" Enos, USA meets in a beautiful venue at the Ocean House Restaurant in Carlsbad, CA every Thursday from 6:30 - 9:00 PM. All ages and abilities are welcome.

Ukuleles Of Paradise Dealers

Enjoy learning to play the ukulele (four strings, four fingers—what could be easier?) and have fun at Ukuleles of Paradise, an informal gathering of ukulele players and would-be ukulele players. Ukuleles of Paradise offers free lessons, loaner ukuleles for the meeting, a lending library of ukulele songbooks, DVDs and resources—and a welcoming group of folks who are happy to have new players or wannabe players join us. No prior musical experience needed!

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